Many homeowners like to think about taking on do-it-yourself projects, but the work may be too much for them to handle. Not to mention that a so-so job performed by inexperienced hands can have negative financial consequences. The results may turn off prospective buyers, lower home value or even create the need for costly repairs. Simply put, there are risks involved in not using a contractor.

The Projects

Hilley Construction is a professional, licensed company that’s accomplished in handling projects of all sizes, whether they involve renovations to perk up outdated rooms; adding space to cramped quarters;  building a customized house that fulfills long-held dreams, or a ground up/tenant commericial building or space. Hilley Construction oversees all aspects of a project and works to coordinate tasks in the most efficient ways. We understand licenses, permits and codes, and we know, through experience, the subcontractors and suppliers that are worthy of trust. Hilley’s results draw attention thanks to beauty, quality and detail, not because of mistakes or poor technique.

A home’s outer surfaces sometimes require a facelift as well. Storm damage, weathering and age can all break down the exterior, causing cracks, leaks, rot or merely a sad appearance. XYZ’s dependable contractor can update and repair stucco, siding or other materials to preserve your home’s integrity and its value. Curb appeal is just as important as interior appeal, and we deliver the whole package.

Contractors handle other projects in addition to home construction and renovation, and Hilley Construction is no different. Entertaining isn’t limited to indoor areas, and as your contractor, we can convert plain yard space into a peaceful refuge or an exciting gathering place. For example, outdoor living areas, outdoor kitchens, water features, and specially designed decks and patios have all become popular ways to enjoy leisure time; such updates have the added benefit of increasing your home’s value as well. Other features, such as fences and retaining or boundary walls, serve practical purposes, but a licensed contractor like XYZ Construction LLC can turn them into highly attractive additions that enhance any landscape design.

The Contractor

General contractors often gain the knowledge they need as managers and business owners from their beginnings in construction work. Skills in steel work, masonry, framing and carpentry evolve into qualifications that are suitable for overseeing and managing others’ work. Clients further benefit from decisions and recommendations that come from direct knowledge, from knowing what’s possible and what works. Hilley Construction has just this type of experience.

We can join a project in its earliest planning stages, working with architects and designers to determine costs and schedules. We handle the logistics of paperwork and also hire the construction crew and subcontractors. We meet with clients to understand their vision, to discuss progress and to integrate changes, all while guiding a project through to its completion. As general contractors, we perform a kind of alchemy, turning raw ideas and materials into finished gems.

Construction projects can be stressful when they disrupt everyday life, but with a licensed contractor like us on your side, you’ll have someone reliable to handle everything from the most complicated elements right down to the smallest details. Our work is professional and efficient, and we create results that often inspire new project ideas. We  helps bring your construction dreams to life.