When you begin thinking about a home remodel or repair, contact Hilley Construction to ensure that your project will be of the highest quality. We take pride in accomplishing all the extra details that make a home remodel practical and efficient as well as appealing to the eyes. Each member of our well-trained crew of experienced professionals enjoys bringing pleasure to our clients by enhancing their lives with beautiful, quality homes that are also functional and efficient.

Unless you have an unlimited budget for your home remodel, we can show you ways to keep your costs under control without sacrificing your dreams or the lasting quality that has given us our reputation for excellence. Contact Hilley Construction to discuss the many options available for your particular home remodel project. After we begin working on your home remodel, never hesitate to call us about your questions or concerns. Maintaining good communication throughout the home remodel helps ensure a successful project.

Kitchen Remodel

A kitchen remodel is possibly the home remodel project that brings you the greatest benefit in terms of both value and satisfaction. Often called the heart of the home, a kitchen may be the gathering place for cooking and eating meals, visiting, studying, playing games and even relaxing with a cup of coffee or tea. Because of its importance in the daily life of a family, the kitchen is usually the first room that receives attention in a home remodel. Our professional designers have the knowledge and expertise required to create an efficient floor plan and design for your kitchen remodel. Hilley Construction experts can incorporate all your ideas and develop an attractive layout that maximizes your available space and provides you with the greatest efficiency in a pleasant atmosphere.

A kitchen remodel increases the value of your home, but the process can disrupt your family life somewhat until the project is complete. We understand the stress involved and make every effort to keep it to a minimum, but we do not believe in compromising quality by cutting corners to finish a job faster. We strive to maintain a productive schedule that helps us complete your kitchen remodel in a timely manner so your life can return to normal more quickly. We also know that doing a job right the first time means it will not be necessary to make costly and time-consuming corrections later.

Bathroom Remodel

Although the room may comprise only a small portion of your living area, a bathroom remodel can have a huge impact on your home. You may be considering a simple, low-cost bathroom remodel featuring simplicity and economy, or you may be dreaming of a lavish retreat where you can relax in a luxurious tub and have plenty of storage space. Hilley Construction designers excel in working with all scenarios and can create plans for an amazing bathroom remodel that stays within your budget. Our experienced builders know how to combine comfort with style to craft a bathroom makeover that complements your individual lifestyle. A high-quality bathroom remodel gives the room a fresh, new look, increases the value of your home and makes your life more pleasant as well.

Whether your home remodel consists of one room, two rooms or your entire home, you will be pleased with the results you see when Hilley Construction handles the project. We are always aware that our reputation is at stake, and we care as much as you care about your home remodel.